Forbidden love

She bit the apple of temptation

In the strangest way

The forbidden love she now sated

In one fateful day

While her husband was a way at work

His brother came round

To collect some items

His brother had left behind

She offered him a coffee

And the chat started to wander

As she saw him studying

Every inch of her body

She asked if he thought she looked good

If the gym was working out

He put down his drink stepped close and said ‘of that their is no doubt’

He towered over her and imposed himself and leaned in

She could feel that they were moments aways from kissing

Faces close, lips almost touching

He just stared deep into her eyes

Then she felt his hand slip between her thighs

He anticipation was easy for him to judge simply by his touch

He spoke in a whisper saying :this is lust it is not love’

Then as he held her gaze he unbuttoned and undid her jeans

And slipped his hand inside them and said ‘I know I am your wet dreams’

He was not wrong she had fantasised this many times alone

But even on occasions when her husband was suprised

how much she moaned when they were making love

His brother now was pulling her jeans down to her thighs

And he could see the pleasure and extasy right there in her eyes

And kissed her passionately on the lips then knelt down in front of her

And she stroked his hair and gripped it as he showed her his skills

And after a little while down came her jeans

And he stood up and took of her top and he sat upon a chair

He beckoned her to straddle his lap

And that’s exactly what she did

And rode him long and hard like it would be the one and only time they would do this

And as his strong firm hands explored

Kneaded and caressed her body

She arched her back and grinded her hips like she had read in erotic stories

And as she did she reached her peak just as he did too

And like an atomic bomb his internal power blew

And she felt his energy flow into her and her body writhed in uncontrollable spasms

They both experienced an amazing combined orgasm

And as their sweaty bodies concluded this dance

They felt he heat and exhaustion as the warm glow passed too fast

Then the guilt and shame crept in and both got up and dressed

And without words he got his stuff and he then quickly left

She knew he had sowed a seed in her and thought about what to do

Then decided she would let it grow to remind her of what they chose to do

And it would bd her secret and she’d make love to her husband tonight

To let him think that it was his even though she knew it was not right

But she wanted to bear the forbidden fruit as a reminder of the delight

She placed her hands upon her tummy

And smiled as she thought of things to come.

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