I’ve had enough of man made disasters

We’re living amongst man made disasters

And yet we are letting these tragedies pass us

Imune and sanitised to this being told those who warn us

Are scaremongering and hysterical

But you should understand that’s not true at all

Because plastic and pollution affects many areas of our seas

Without taking into account the rate they’re cutting down trees

And how dangerous it is killing all the fruit bat’s and trees

Your gambling with our humanity while destroying earth’s ecology

Meanwhile fracking is causing earthquakes

And icebergs are melting now in greater haste

Because we heat up the atmosphere with greenhouse gases

And Indonesia is a devasted ecological wasteland

And India is struggle with its rubbish as nd hygiene problems

And the UK does nothing to embrace being green

And the US government thinks fossil fuels however dirty

Seem to be the future but its not its about greed

How can we just sit back ignorantly

And allow this devastation and these disasters go undealt with

It’s time to start taking action and start fighting back

For we are being too complacent it’s unity we lack

One forceful voice vocalised by the people

Will shake the foundations of their systems

And send out a message saying we will take no more

Stand up for nature and even up the score

And fight for a world that needs to be green

And we can sell start living the environmental dream.

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