Equality through sharing the wealth equity

I’ve barely had a rise on my wage in seven years

Meanwhile all the bills rise fuelling my fears

That I am falling further behind the cost of living

What’s going on is there something I am missing

We a living to work, not working to live

And the government and corporations are flaying the skins from bones

And they’ve divided us so we all feel alone

While they sip champagne in their luxury homes

Bosses get the cream while workers are fed gruel

While they’re expected to keep pushing productivity up

And as they rake in the cash they say it is not enough

But its funny how they do so well while we find it do tough

It’s a messed up society as nd an unequal state

We are constantly told we are easy to replace

But if we came together in a show of strength and worker force

Maybe then we may give them the best lesson they could be taught

That your workers are the most important facet of your business

So you should treat us better and give us more equality

Through the greater sharing of the wealth equity.

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