Milky beauty

She flowed in her pale skin

Like a milky apperition of my dreams

And she ghosted through this life

Like a vulnerable child

Maybe that what her attraction was to guys

She was easy to control, at least that’s what they thought

But there was a lesson there that she taught

Don’t judge a person by their cover

For she was very strong willed and intelligent

Hidden within her sexual beautiful being

Lay the warrior goddess queen

Who didn’t take to manipulaters or possive people to easily

She loved those who like her were free

And open in mind and eye to everything

She like to laugh, dance and sing

She knew the struggles of just existing

Carefully she glided through days of summer love and winter cravings

Everyone who knew her loved her

Couldn’t believe her kindly persona

Every aspect of her life resonated compassion and so much light

She was bright white incandescent and passionate

She loved like a woman possessed

How do I know that she was the best

Because I was lucky enough to get a sample of her wares

And that was an experience that I will never forget

But she disappeared not to be seen again

And nobody knows exactly where she went

Or if she was real or heaven sent

Maybe she was an angel sent to share the love around

Or maybe she was from the multiverse

To heal us all from so much suffering and hurt

I am not sure but I was grateful I knew her

And got to understand that not only

Did she have strength as well as beauty

But she blessed everyone who passed through her life

So I bow down and pay homage to her

Because I loved her.

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