Astral travelling in dreams

I surfed the rings of saturn
In astral flying dreams
Intruiged to find out
Exact what would happen
And danced with aliens
Among Orions belt
Curious to how it felt
And rode on shooting stars
Then got drunk in cosmic bars
To feel the amazement of everything
That when we astral travel in our heads
Whilst laying in our beds.
What more could you want from life
To escape in to the quantum divide
And trenscend through a series of
Trans dimensional gateway rides
That opens up wondrous themes
That expand all of our life and times
And creates a mind of understanding
That will increase all of our frequencies
And trenscend us all as evolved
Higher forms of human beings
That resides within us as we
Dream this amazing form
Astral travelling that closed minds
Will never realise or believe in
The same as we with open minds and eyes
Who awakened see as truth, not buying the lies
For we sail the universe divine in conscious reality which is so exciting.

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