Let me explain

Hey why you treating me the way that you do

I am not trying to hurt or disrespect you

Understand one thing I am not that crude

I am not in the business of being that rude

But you doubt me always through and through

But spirituality and writing is my soul food

And all I am trying to do is get my message of love, kindness and caring through

But is it possible when I can’t even get through to you

I know what I do may seem small and irrelevant in all I do

But to me it is important to make people see the truth

That the future is not in hate and violence

But it’s in love and peace

The is my message that I preach

And you ask me why I feel the need to do this

You say I dont even know the people to whom I beseech

You say focus on your own life don’t worry about others

But you see humanity is my family, we are all sisters and brothers

And I am sorry that you get angry and that you don’t understand

And I know you think because I am getting nowhere

Than I am just wasting my time

And maybe I never will or maybe things will change

Maybe it’s just a stupid dream to believe one day I will be center stage

But I’ve done nothing with my life until now

And who knows maybe it’s too late

But I don’t want to whimper out I want to be a fiery blaze

And I am sorry that you don’t really believe in me

But I have to keep my faith and believe I have a destiny

But don’t think that I am shutting you out

It is the other way around

Casting on me anger and a shed load of doubt

But I am trying to do my best to carry everyone and everything with me

I don’t want to anyone or anything be in believe me

But it’s hard when you beat me up all the time

You make me question what I am doing

And that I am wasting my time

But this is my dream and surely I am entitled to that

To write and be spiritual why is that so bad?

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