Put down the hate


It’s time to put down hate

Start to put love in its place

It’s time to put and to violence

Start to embrace peace and make the guns silent

It’s time to test the power

Those who take away our freedoms by the hour

Those building up a secret state

Who are taking our voice away

We need to replace greed with equality

This should be our biggest dream

To live in a world that’s free to be

Whoever it is you choose to be

And put the dark corporate forces back in their box

We are fearful of everyone and everything

And so we increase the locks

To our self imposed cells because they make us fear this place

While taking every single right we have away

And telling us it’s for our own good

Trust nobody in your. Own neighbourhood

They say they’ll keep us safe

But they’re the dangerous ones

For they use fear and hate and banish the love.

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