Lest we forget

Lest we forget the insanity

Lest we forget the inhumanity

Lest we forget the soldiers pain

Told to fight a war in an insane way

While generals sat back shouting death or glory

For the men in the trenches it was a horror story

Cut down and killed going over the top

Refusal to play this mad game would still have got you shot

Death before dishonour is a phrase used by those

Who sit in safety and don’t really know

The terror and the fear of being shot and shelled

Or the suffering of the trench life hell

So many lives wasted at the Somme

So many sacrifices at Paschendale

So many poppies growing in fields

Representing the inhumanity to each other that was real

So many mothers and fathers lost their sons

So many people lost their husbands

So many people lost loved ones

On all sides and the story’s not done

It continues to this very day

Men sacraficed in the worst possible way

Laying down live for another’s cause

I hate the thought of these bloody wars

Being coordinated by men sitting champagne in the safety and the warmth

While you men are used and abused like pawns

Ive heard it said that ‘Generals sit sip Bacardi while the privates feel the pain’

The leaders and politicians laugh while quaffing their champagne

Would there really be as many bloody wars

If those who state its a noble cause

Be first out over the trench, going over the top

Charging at machine guns knowing it’s they will be shot

I got this theory if they made to lead from front

You would notice how quickly all these bloody wars would stop

And that the poppies growing in the fields though whilst never being forgot

Could symbolise the hope that the penny dropped

And the insanity

Of man’s inhumanity

May cease to continue

In a future where there’s no more War!


Lest we forget, we need to fight war, not wars.

Support the cause and save lives

Make the future more peaceful and bright

Keep all of humanity safe and reject the policy to fight

Refuse to heed the leaders calls

If nobody turns up to fight wars cannot be fought

Leaders won’t stop wars its up to the people

Stop being sheep and start rebel

Be abuse war is just fucking hell

No matter if religious no matter the cause

Terrorists and soldiers refuse to heed the call

To ensure there are no wars no more.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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