As I breathe

Sometimes when I breathe

I feel the suffering of the world in me

The pain that we induce upon other species

And I feel the loss of the great rainforest trees

And I taste the plastic polluting our seas

When I breathe

I feel the weight of damage we’ve done and I weep

How we filled the air we breathe with pesticides

And poison our food with chemicals and dyes

And I sit and meditate on why

As I breathe

I wonder how much of the diseases

Are a result of our interference with nature

Have we poisoned humanity in the name of greed

Do these people even know or care what they’re doing

Or are they blinded by profit they don’t even see the dangers

And if they do, doesn’t make them evil

As I breathe I realise this is true

They care nothing for this world or me and you

Everything is expendable in the name of wealth and profit

Advacement and progress they we can stop it

And that’s true

But everything single thing t hey do

Brings down more ruin for me and you

The destruction and devastation

Will come back on us and with no hesitation will bring about our own extinction

Just like we’re imposing on other a species

And as I breathe I feel the heavy weight of this within me

And it hurts and it makes me angry

Thinking how we need to do something more

As a humanity to aide our planets cause

To protect and to unify and say no more

And start healing the world we’ve destroyed

And as I breathe

I vow to keep on raising this issue

Until the whole of humanity sees the need

To take the environment and extinction of other devices seriously

And as I breathe

I feel the hope and defiance and strength grow within me

For gaudians of the planet are we

That’s why we feel it within when we breathe

So join me.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

2 thoughts on “As I breathe

  1. I cannot quote my favourite lines from this piece for I’ll have to quote the whole poem.
    This is a masterpiece.
    I’ve never read a poem that captures the pain of the Earth and our guilt in it in a such a beautiful way. Beyond doubt, this is one poem that should be read by everyone!

    Loved it! šŸ’œ

    Liked by 2 people

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