Environmentalism is the will of the people

Governments who fail too take note

Of exactly what it’s people think

Are governments tha t will become extinct

For ignoring them believing that they are above

But the will of the people has to be served

Not belittled or simply swereved

Thinking they hold the power more than the people is a curse

And they will get what they deserve?

People want to go green and be more environmental

Governments drags the it heels on this

It does not want to upset corporations

This is how they all get rich

From dirty energy and dirty money

They laugh and mock us as tree huggers

Like it is funny

But when we now take it to the streets

Spark rebellion they set their bully boy police to disperse it

They use the law of force not the force of law

And act and treat us as terrorists

But we are not enemies of the state

We preach love and caring joy hate

We are trying to save out earth

For all of our worth

It’s governments and corporations

Who are destroying and are corrupt and exploiting

Our paradise, our environment, our home

Be aware we we wont take no more

Progress into ecological advancement

Or stay like dinosaurs in the past

But it’s you that will be heading for extinction

The will of the people must be the purveyed.

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