The innocent child

Children play

In harmony,

Faith and colour

Don’t mean anything,

Not in the minds

Of the innocent,

Children cry

Because they have empathy

But as they grow

They build immunity,

Through lesson taught

And words that brought

To the belief

That feeling emaphy is weak,

Along with compassion

For everything,

The innocence

Of a child’s mind

Is purity defined,

Untainted by

The lessons taught

By poisoned minds,

Who feel that nievety

Is a crime,

Rather than as

A positive affirming sign

That helps us see simply read

Between the lines,

For child’s mind is uncomplicated

Until adults pollute it

And brutally abuse

And exploit it,

With negativity

And deceit,

With fear and shame

Time and again,

This is how a child is trained

To become an adult

And to treat life as a game,

Rather than as a chance

To live in a light filled and loving way,

Yet we decide to kill

The innocent child

And supercede it with a poison adult,

Who is judgemental and blinker blind,

Unable to develop a conscious mind

Missing out on the spiritual divine,

So stop polluting a poisoning

Innocent children all the time

With your domesticated

Destructive life designs.

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