I have learnt empathy

You learn much about empathy

When you stare in your newborn baby’s eyes

And they are closed because she could not find that vital first breath.

You learn about empathy when you lose your mum and dad

Without getting the chance to bid them farewell and reaffirm your love

You lean about empathy from living a harsh life, grinding out each day

Because you’ve never had money

Because you’ve never had breaks

You learn empathy in the most testing ways

When your grandson has a genetic illness that is unique only to him

And see he is determined not to be different

And never moans or cries about his lot

This little man has taught me so much

And you know what you have learnt has sunk right in

When everytime you hear or see something heart wrenching

It brings tears to your eyes and a lump in hour throat

Then you feel you want to sob like Niagra Falls and simply let go

And others look at you strange and think that you’re weak

From the place that I come from you don’t act like this

But I look back at them defiantly and say what I have been through

And the things that I’ve seen makes me stronger than you could ever imagine

I have faced my demons and been as fierce as a dragon

Divorce and ruin yes I’ve been there too

Yet here I am still struggling through

We are all born perfect and then taught to be flawed

By those who nurture us, influence and guide us

By society and many others that come our way

But we learn and become stronger and find back the way

To goodness, kindness, empathy and love

We may never find perfection as gain but that’s good enough

Perfection is God’s, perfection is for saints

I may try but I know that’s something I am never going to gain

But though I am far from achieving all I want to be

I accept my flaws and work on them daily

But the thing I’ve connected with that brings love, compassion and kindness in place

Is empathy which is truly a heartfelt embrace

That returns our humanity inner peace and grace

And teaches us everything that exists has its place

And that we must welcome it in all warmly

To our hearts and our souls so that we in times of need have the ability to console.

6 thoughts on “I have learnt empathy

  1. Your empathy shines, my friend. 🙂

    And I understand what you mean when you soak in all of the world’s problems, the feelings of those around you… it’s intense to the point you cannot even recognize what is your own feelings and what is the result of someone else’s heart. It all feels the same. So you never be ashamed of being a person who feels deeply. It’s a gift. 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much Manessah, you are such a kind soul with great depth and wisdom. Life is about sharing love and light and you do this in abundance. Thank you for reading and appreciating my words. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You do the very same thing and more, Faux and I truly appreciate what you bring to life’s table. I’m happy to have met you here my friend. You are very welcome, as always! ☺️

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  2. Jay empathy is yes connecting to other pain suffering and tragedies as a result of having suffered similarly in life. So yes relating to others for appearing similar.


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