Touched by you all

Touched by life and its beautiful souls

I am always inspired by verse and prose

That help me connect with persons unknown

Who become friends as we share kind words

So many people sharing what needs to be heard

Writings of love and light that delight

Penning artistic ink that takes all on a flight

To nature, to the universe, to spirituality

To all aspects of love that have touched you and me

Words of politics and religion too

That enlighten and help us transcend our knowledge and ken

Writers, authors, poets one and all

Coming together embracing the call

To lift and inspire to touch and to aide

All that l read is positive and good

And it’s such a great thing forging these connections

And its so good sharing the love

To good and the bad, the light and the dark

The the suffering the pain, the healing and happiness again

We all feel and embrace it all

It helps us all stand strong and a lot taller

And my words I wish now to share with you

Are the words I love you all and I appreciate each and every one of you

It is like your my soul group.

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