Be honest

Be honest now

Do you truly love yourself?

If not shy not?

It’s because you’ve been told not too

Taught subliminally to reject self love

Made to learn self doubt and self loathing

Beating ourselves over and over for past mistakes

Forgiveness we save for others

But we never forgive ourselves

We learn bitterness and anger

Aimed at ourselves yet directed at others

We are taught love is conditional

And accept this distortion this lie

We must learn to grow by rejecting these teachings

We need to feel self love without feeling shame

Learn ty o forgive ourselves until unconditionally

Set your spirit, your mind and the truth free

Authentic and untouched at birth

We become distorted and tested as we grow but our teachers

Who went through the same

But never saw the truth, never released themselves

From their self created cells

Break down the walls and break the bars

See the light in u ou flourish as ghr truth abounds you

That you are worthy and you are love

So set yourself free unconditionally in life.

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