Hiding myself away

I ask myself who I am?

Am I the person I think I am?

No, I know I act differently at work

To fit in with others

And I think it hurts

That I can’t be me authentically

Because I hear people talk about others like me

In terms I would call deformationally

Ridiculing what they say and think and believe

And I feel a traitor for hiding my true self intentionally

But I don’t need them to know or accept me

I do not need their perceptions or judgement over me

Or to find myself getting involved with them confrontationally

So I reveal my true self to those closest to me

But it’s hard work putting on a false front daily

So maybe I should stop and be me authentically and truthfully

But the domestication that resides within me

Has taught me to fear exposing myself because somehow I crave

To not stand out but blend in seamlessly

And I feel the disappointment I have for myself emotionally.

5 thoughts on “Hiding myself away

  1. There are some gifts in life that are not appreciated by some and it’s wise to not put a gift in the hands of someone who is not equipped to appreciate it’s worth. It’ll just be mishandled and mistreated. You are that gift, Faux. Some people are not equipped to appreciate or understand you and that’s perfectly fine, because that makes room for those people who can look at you and see the value you possess inside. Your life story, your heart, all the beauty you have is not meant for everyone to know and should not be wasted on those who can’t see the beauty in what you have to share. Think of the people who value your presence and know just how much light you bring to this place. That’s where your joy comes… not from those who are too closed minded to embrace and love you. That’s just my humble opinion, but I think you are a wonderful human being and you should never be afraid to be who you are.

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    1. Thank you very much for reading and for your kind words my dear friend. I very much appreciate your comment as I appreciate you and I am so grateful that we connected. I am truly humbled by your gracious opinion. Faux šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are always welcome, my friend. I’m very glad that I crossed paths with you on here. I truly do value your friendship, Faux. Stay shining, my amazing friend. šŸ™‚


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