It’s on you

Our greed takes food from hungry mouths

Yet all people do is object so loud

When we tell them tat they’re part of the problem

Their guilt and anger gets on top of them

It’s not their fault how are they ty o blame

This is their mantra and theit refrain

A refusal to accept that there is a need for change

In the r comfy homes they are so detatched

Information, reality and truth they lack

Seduced and sedated by the media screen

Turn it over if you happen to see

Hungry dying kids on your tv

Shouldn’t be allowed it’s too obscence

You don’t want a dose of reality

Preferring the soap life fantasy

Don’t try and tell me that it’s partly on me

That this world suffers such inequalities

But the truth is the only way we can change society

Is if we all share and reject material greed

And to achieve this in oles and requires both you and me

To force those who rule to change their policies

To bring back into society love, caring and equality.

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