Evil dwells within the church

We discovered evil in the house of God

Paedophile priests who the church didn’t stop

Lurking in the shadows of the cloisters

Sick men drooling over the children the y remember

Abusing while representing God

And those in the church who knew what was going on

Turned a blind eye and even hid the truth

Tried covering up any proof

A tough subject matter but it was children who suffered

Within the realms of the church and God and the Holy Mother

Tohis act of such wrong is so dispicable

And it has to exposed once and for all

The perpatraitors must be faced with their wrong

The world needs to know what’s been going on

The church needs to finally clean house

And purify itself without a doubt

Root out evil and corruption that preys

In the church cloisters and hallowed places where people pray

Cleanse the sickness and heal these sacred places

Return goodness, caring and love and all other divine graces

Purge the evil that’s used and dwelled in churches

No longer should they be known as the cause of children’s hurting.

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