The girl with no name

She was a girl with no name

A girl who was taught to know shame

By people who played her like a game

And whk she left behind sleeping in the flames

She was now a girl of rage

Angry that she was treated this way

Learn how to conjure fire

Leaving those who hurt her in a molten pyre

She was a girl hell bent on revenge

A girl who’s desire to hit back would never end

She was a girl now with a cold heart

But with a burning passion in her chest

She was spawned from relationships that detest

Live and all of life amazing things

She was taught shame and to be always fearing

Those with power over her

But now she was the one who was masterful

Hunging down those who damaged her in the past

Determined as she was to have the last laugh

She was now a girl of flames and fire

And a revevenge based on a murderous desire

So careful who you hurt and damage along the way

For who kniws maybe they will comeback again and make you pay.

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