A road called Extinction Way

A voice that was once just a whisper in the wind

Is now a reality that is happening

Our hopes and dreams of a future that is green

Is not as far off as it once seemed

Brave ordinary people turning activists

And learning rather quickly how ty o resist

In order to save this world in which we exist

More powerful than governments

Who are powerless to stop it

And though they may try, it’s the will of the people

So the y need to bow down and understand resistance is feeble

For the people are rising up now and having their say

And have an intention to manifest change

Extinction rebellion is the new name

That is a guiding light paving the way

To a whole better greener future rejecting fissile fuels

Promoting nurting nature as well as renewables

Pushing through a future where humnity cleans up its act

Mankind are polluters and that’s the hard facts

And if we don’t learn to change our dirty display

We will walk down the road of extinction way.

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