Lead us not into temptation

He saw her there sublime and sweet
When he passed her on the street
She smiled and struck up a conversation
He was enchanted and sensed the temptation
Of her glittering eyes and her sumptuous lips
And when she swaggered
And when she swaggered
He loved the sway of her hips
They agreed to see each other later and he went round
Knocked on her door which opened wide
And as he entered and walked inside
He saw a pathway of candle light
Leading through the hall and up the stairs
He followed with intrique and trepidation
And no short amount of hesitation
As her reached the bedroom doorway he peered in
And saw her laying on the befbed sultry and enticing
He letl his trepidation fade
As his excitement and passion take its place
And he moved quickly to her bed
Looked into her sparkling eyes
And kissed her sumptuous lips
Then felt a suddend shift
And looked behind and saw a large black rift
He looked back at her and she grinned
And gave him a shove and pushed him in
And as he tumbled and fell deep down
He gaped at her and shouted but his voice made no sound
Then suddenly he hit the ground
He sat up and looked around sat up and looked around
And saw the drooling shiny teeth of hungry hounds
Ready to tear him into shreds
And in that moment he was dead
While meanwhile she left her bed
Got her clothes together and got dressed
Then went for a walk once again
To find another soul who maynay come her way
To feed to the hungry hounds of hell
For she was an angel black as night that fell
From the heavens and was recruited by satan but no one could tell.

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