This house was once a home

In this house that was once a home

Now empty and a derelict zone

Full of cobwebs and sad memories

Of how good the times we had here used to be

But now tears are all that’s present

And loneliness and too few blessings

I wish you were still here now with me

Instead of treading stairs winding heavenly

I had been told there’s a reason for all things

But it’s left me cut adrift and truly gasping

My heart broken and my spirit devoid

Of any emotions or feeling everlasting

The pain it rips at my chest

My stomache is knotted and it never rests

Darkness is all I see and heartbreak now defines me

I am lost now in a whirlpool of grief

Dragging me downward to drown to my relief

I think life now is unbearable

Without you here my dreams will be for ever troubled

My hurt and pain simply doubles

At the thought of you in my thoughts scrambled and muddled

My life is now just living in the rubble

Of a love destroyed by disease

From where there was no release

And now all its left me with are tears and heartache

Grief and heartbreak.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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