More than pretty little playthings

Women are the objects of men’s affection

Gets them off with their lust filled erection

Somewhere along the line they lost the connection

That women are more than objects and playthings.

In the work place they are ogled and harrassed

By men who think they are all that

Most are old, sweaty and fat

And a sense of appropriateness they certainly lack

Constant sex on their minds is a fact

Maybe a lack of love and affection is what makes them jack.

Now I understand the beauty of women

Their look, their form, their style and grace

But I see within them that they’re equal to me

Not like the men who see women subjugated on their knees

The y fear strong women who stand up to them

Refer to them being lesbian

Just because they won’t be cowef by these weak men

Who prey constantly on vulnerable women

Hoping they can control and have them

At their beckon call and at their whim

These men are not real men they are living an illusion

Beautiful women won’t be attracted them

Because sleazy is the frequency they are vibing

Recognise yourself in shat I am describing

Stop treating women as merely gender guests

Sex objects and playthings at the best

Start showing women real respect

And understand they are an equal sex

Not just pretty little distractions for your behest

Stop being an annoying fucking sex pest

And maybe your life too can still be blessed.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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