Can you feel and sense it in you


Do you feel and sense your own power

Do you love and feel blessed within yourself

If you don’t love yourself is it really suprising

That the love from others is not arising

Do you understand you create all that you are

Do you see a part of the universe and the shining stars

Are she re we came from, we had travelled from afar

Why believe now this is the end nit the start

We can create and achieve anything

When we start believing and manifesting

The power of attraction and spiritual belief

That will bring you out of your mundane world of illusory

Where you believe working day to day as a corporate slave

Is t he only way we should behave

We can achieve prosperity and happiness in our own way

When we decide to make that change

And sense and feel the power within

Then the magic truly begins

Cast aside all your domesticated chains you garnered from their teachings

And shine your own light bright and take the opportunity to start really living.

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