Nihilism and existence

Nihilism and existence

There is a struggle

To prove we exist

In a physical form

But this is pointless

We are mere energy

Undergoing transcendance

And as a result nihilism

Ends due to this

The lives that we live

Are grey and meaningless

A mundane repetion

Of relentlessness

As slaves to systems

Seeking to control us

Each one built on lies

And academic and economic histionics

As philosiphised by Nietzsche

Of which I am in agreement

The only consequence is one

Of nihlistic abandonment

For religion and systems

And economic states

Do nothing to help humankind

They just cause division and hate

As these illusory creations

Of peoples minds

Bind us in domestication

And bind us in ties

That represent chains

That limit our freedom

And that restricts us

From sensining our own

Futile struggle with existence

Where the physical illusion

Controls our minds

And urges that spiritual energy

Is falsehood and lies

But nothing could be

Further from the truth

Yet the flawed human condition

Desires and insists on proof

Yet the proof is in consciousness

And can be seen on awakening

And is seen at the moment

When the chains hold us in place

Finally start breaking.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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    • Indeed, thought is a wonderful thing for those who ponder upon things. Thought is a gift to the awakened with an open mind to embrace all things and that is denied yo many bh their own domesticated perceptions on life. Faux


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