The pain is great

The pain is great

Incised as I was with your treachery that slide me wide

Like the sharpest, keenest knife

The pain was immeasurable and brutal

I bled out in copiuos volumes

Flowing like a wild river raging

And who I asked could heal this wound

Who I asked could suture this incision

And was and take away this heartaching pain

No one but me, could rwlease me from this misery

No one but me could set me free

From this pain that reaches through me

And rips out my organs interally

Yet I see the truth, my saviour is me

I have the ability to change or create a new story

One where I learn and heal from this

And spend my t in me finding the positives

That will help me mend once again

Where I see the start of new beginnings

Not simply a painful end where you win.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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