The deep hazel eyes in which he stared

Those full plump lips of which he kissed

The flawless beauty of her skin

This seduction is releasing

She is dressed so elegant and real defined

He wants to enter her body and her mind

Short black dress is so sublime

Shining all her curves and lines

Her legs he parted look so great

Bent forward he doesn’t hesitate

Her hands spread upon the wall

Offering herself he is enthralled

He lifts her dress and hears her gasp

Her breath and heart rate is now beating fast

He moves in and blows her mind

Going for the longest time

Building rhythm feeling the flow

Hearing her moans and cries of pleasure makes him go

Deeper, faster all the time

And as her body contorts and twists and writhes he sees the sign

That she is on the precipice and at her peak

Unable now to speak just scream

Out allowed just what she needs

She wants inside her his seed

And as he gives her what she needs

She trembles and goes weak at the knees

He has to support her hips and hold her up

She is now on a beautiful cusp

Of aroused sensual exstacy

Beyond anything that could be believed

His vision blurrs and he now also shakes

As they both simply fade away

Into the moment of passion of which they craved

And as they panted in the hot sweaty glow

All a tremble he knew they both had to go

They tidied themselves up and left

She said he was the best yet

And her husband who had watched agreed

And thanked him for everything

He left with a momentary regret

For she had been his best yet

But they had an agreement and so walked away

Knowing they would not meet again.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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