Hope at Christmas

Hope seems hard these days

And although Christmas is on its way

The reds, greens, white and sparkling silver and gold

Can’t cover up and hide those who feel the cold

And while the chiors sing songs so heavenly

We need to learn to appreciate everything

For so many will struggle just to a survive

And through the twinkle of the candle light

I see the tears of those who cry

Feeling the desire of these festive times

And wishing they to could embrace the delight

Of giving and sharing and smiling within the lights

Of a joyful moment at Christmas night

Where maybe finally their hopes and dreams may now take flight

That in this special time things may just go right

And they will feel the warmth of friends and companionship

At Christmas time miracles can exist

So never hive up keep believing this

But it’s hard when in a cold and lonely place

So if you know somebody living thus way

Show them some live and help them get through the day

Try to help them smile and feel again

That warmth love and happiness is not so far away.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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