You are my glue

Touched by you

And everything that you do

The energy in you

Holds me together like glue

Have I ever told you the truth

That I am so deeply in love with you

Have I ever shown you enough gratitude

For I am in awe of you

Because if all you do

You raise up my life

And you shine your radiant light

Like a lighthouse in the darkest night

And that eases me and gives me such delight

You give me warmth when I am cold

You say you’ll take care of me when I am to old

To care for myself

Now if that is not love

Then I am not what love really is

You gave my heart

And you inspire my soul

You are a treasure

Your everything that’s gold

When you were created they broke the mould

Yes you are perfect

And on you I am completely sold

On you.

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