Rays of ultraviolet

I stare through rays of ultraviolet

Sit in meditation still and quiet

I live a life of non violence

But won’t be forced into silence

I speak out for the oppressed

I speak out for the voiceless

Across boarders and races which make no sense

Dividing people simply represents

A lack of unity and insecurities

And as I view through rays of ultraviolet

I feel this to be the root of all the violence

Unleashed globally by small minded people

Who follow in groups like sheep do

And its just all insane

This pollutes and infiltrates the brain

Of those consciously unawakened

Causing conflicts of their own making

I break out of all that thinking

Watch as the ship is sinking

Trying to get people to pull together

To survive this stormy weather

We can still turn things round

But we must stand strong and must stand proud

And view life through the ultraviolet

And put an end to all violence

We vs an do this if we wany to

Just share love and spread the good news

That we are one big family that could achieve much more in unity

And all we need do is just to believe

And this is enough to set our minds and thoughts free

To see in ultraviolet the frequency that binds us

It’s all spiritual science.

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