One moment with her is a dream


Long hair that flows
A beauty that glows
Long legs going right up
To somewhere I need to go
To the peachy bum
And her warm place of love
I’d like to moisten with the touch
If my fingers and tongue
And make her writhe and come
In an explosive act of aching passion
Her fine body so taught
St my touch her nerves are fraught
As she arches her back
As I refuse to slack
Working every inch of her perfect satin skin
As I allow my lips to trace over her body
Licking slowly and biting and kissing
From head to toe in every erogenous spot
I want her every essence, every drop
I want her under me and on top of me
Me slaving over her, her riding me
As we both moan and cry while perspiring
Her body us the most perfect I have ever seen
Tight tiny bum you ache to squeeze and rub
Long legs I want wrapped around me
Firm ample breasts to nuzzle, lick and suck
Beautiful eyes I stare into as we start to make love
A moment with her would be epic and supreme
She is the type of woman of anyone’s dreams.

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