Near life experience

You are interested in near death experiences

Yet are you actually living right now

Or having a near life experience

Do you think a big house and a very nice car

And lots of money in the bank

Or maybe dreams of being a star

Is a definition of living

When you work day to day

And ftom the cradle to the grave all you ever do is obey like a a lave

Working in jobs for an average way

Living a life with no colour but grey

Only for one day to be put in a home until you fade away

As dementia eats what’s left of you away

If you think that’s living well I think you’ve made a mistake

You’re simply one of societies slaves

Fodder to the system in every way

Eating scraps from the table of the elite in a sad display

Of compliance in every way.

6 thoughts on “Near life experience

  1. Love the twist in this. Focus on the life, rather than death. Wake up and realize that there’s more to life than just living by society’s template. To live as a slave is to live as a dead man (no life). Really love the message in this poem, Faux.

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