The sands of time

The sands of time flow

On and on they go

The older we get

The quicker they pass

Through the hourglass

Leaving us fearing

Leaving us in dread

Worrying about the end

In fear of our mortality

And what will be left

Of us when our light has gone out

When our last breath is taken

Will we be in darkness

And simply foresaken

We can’t see there is more

Because we are not awakened

To the various doors

That open when we pass beyond

Our consciouness serves as a bond

That means we have nothing to fear

So dry your eyes and shed no more tears

And make the most of life while you are here

Open your mind and your eyes and you’ll see clear

That death does not signal the end

So ensure that you make the most of who you are when your living

This life you’re experiencing now.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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