Reality is not taught, its who we are

Reality is not something your taught

Reality is what you choose to do

And your every thought

You create your reality and its always changing

Because like you if you’re awakened

You’re always on a voyage of discovery

Not always believing whag your ears hear or your eyes see

For many their reality is defind by what others tell them

So in fact what they see is a fabrication and fantasy

The kills off their intuitiveness and curiosity

And dumbs down their ability to think imaginatively

Because they see only what they’re told to

And critical free thinkers see much more

And they only know what they’ve been told

Where we explore far more

They see a sign that says ‘do n I t open this door’ so the don’t

We see similar signs that says ‘enter and explore’

We know we are created from energy and energy form all that exists

People who dwell in the illusory cannot accept or believe this

But in reality you see we are merely all just conscious being

About to create images that are solid and seem corpreal

They cannot conceive that we may actually be just vortexes of energy

They search desperately for answers to the universe and life

But they keep searching for those same answers from the same place everytime

But we think outside the box and from different stand points everytime

And the just think we’re crazy and losing our minds

But the d ifference we engage in reality

Where they dwell in illusory

And that’s why I think we tend to live life a lot more contented peaceful and happy.

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