Angry people

We see the snarling faces

And hear the voices of hatred

Where passion begun

But then anger and ignorance kicked in

The mind just goes blind

To the vicious abuse

And then just seemingly takes over you

Whereas I try yo keep myself centred

I keep myself control

The ough passion I rage

But my anger I know and own

And I keep it in check

Preferring to use intelligence

To get my point over

To make my opinion clear

I don’t use violence

And I don’t use fear

Even against those who think they can smear

Myself, my life or even my name

I just means that I have created a few waves

If telling the truth is provocative

Then just bring it on

Because I am fine with this

And the thuggish aspect of society

Will never get the better of me you see

Because they’re frightened by calmness

Truth and self belief

They have no response to anything

That is unique and well thought out

It’s just other people’s rhetoric that spews forth from their mouths

And they have not a clue

No single idea

Of how to think for themselves

This much is clear

So they are like snarling and b arking vicious dogs on a leash

Who should all be muzzled to allow the rest of us some peace.

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