An act of wrong

Curdled blood mixed with gentle petals

On floor of polished mahogany

A shimmering reflection from Dappled sunlight

Radiating down for all to see

I reminisced of your heartbeat

It infatuated and amazed me

Like the rhythmic messmeric dance of sunbeams

You have a beauty that charms and are dazzling

Like a crystal or diamond reflecting pure incandescent light

So sparkling and evervescently filled with life

Yet in jealousy I ended you with my knife

And kneel here crying tears so trite

An act of hateful jealous rage

As ended our loved affair today

And in self pity and cowerdice I seek to find a way to end it

I slice my wrists and watch the crimson blood red burn

Onto the floor in an attempt to even the score

But my flowing gushing pulsating blood

Will never be enough

To eradicate the pain and loss my action created

In a sea of tempestuous extasy

I feel remorse and filled with pain so guilty

With my last breath I swore a love fealty

Into a vision of your sweet innocent beauty

That remains with you even in death

Then darkness came and like you I took my final breath

And faded away into oblivion and darkness.

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