Empty house

The house was dark

The furniture made of old heavy wood

The cobwebs hung everywhere we looked

The candle light flickered in our hands

As we walked from room to room trying to understand

Why this house was miw so bleak and empty

When once it was so full of happiness and life

Books adorned every single shelf

A library of knowledge and words

Yet once still no sounds could be heard

Soundless, still in this dark tomb like home

Up and down the stairs I we wander

Seeking any sign of who once lived here

Then suddenly a chill washed over

All at once we felt the fear

Gushing, rushing, washing over us

As if in some kind of demonic lust

We made our way to the top of the stairs

Orbs of light seemed everywhere

Dancing hectically as if giving warning

The chill got greater some malevolence was dawning

A wicked event was on its way

And we were now to be its prey

But we felt if we could make the door

Step outside we would be safe once more

Yet as we reached and opened it wide

We realised the demonic spirit was outside

And with no hesitation or compassion

The demonic beast leapt and seized upon us

And as I fought desperately for life

Reaching for my sharpened knife

I wrestled and took down the hairy beast

And as it lay lifeless in deathly contortions on the floor

I looked and smiled at you once more

A demon slayer that was me

Then in a moment you bared your teeth

Then tore at me stripping my flesh ftom my bones

You left me dead to rot and dwell in this abandoned home

Still, cold lifeless and all alone.

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