Sophisticated in everyway

Beautiful when displayed

She knew everything she needed

She knew everything she craved

She could simply pick and chose

With class like hers she could not lose

Her satin skin, her long silky hair

She was fully understanding and aware

That how she dressed would get her viewed

In anyway that she wanted too

Dhe could reflect a look of ‘do not touch’

Or resonate of ‘please come f…’

She was a mistress of the game

As hot as the most incandescent flame

But she could be as cold as the dead

To those who treated her far less than best

She could be your amazing dream

She could be the most sensual theme

Or she could be nothing to you at all

For she could build impenetrable walls

Treat her right and be amazed

Treat her wrong and be knocked out and dazed

Finest body, finest mind

This sophisticated beauty is so divine.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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