Collectivist society

Collectivist society

A collectivist society

Where everyone shares equally

In labour, production, rewards and sows seeds

Of collective profitabilty

Everyone invested a t the same level

No God’s, no masters, no bosses,

Just people working to get her go the common good

And then bartering with other collectives what they’ve produced

Where greed is no longer a primary life factor

Where as a result corruption no longer exists

No big corporations or banks controlling everything

My dream is one of global collectives

Caring for and nurturing one another and the planet

No more politics and the sham that it is

Just humanity working together for a common goal

But I am not sure people can be that bold to evolve

To this higher for of living and intelligence

Or being able to see this as common sense

It’s all a out we instead of me.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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