Love confusion


Love is never lost

It just changes

When someone hurts

Or let’s you down

That’s about them

It’s not what loves done

It’s the human condition

When restricted and confined

Free and open love

That’s the best kind

No limits

No rules to break

Open trust

We must communicate

There is danger

Within setting limits

Keep your love strong

When alone

Or when you fall in it

Know that life

And people change

Good and toxic people

Will come our way

Sometimes we will fall

For those not good for us at all

But there are lessons

To be learnt in this

Don’t blame love for taking a risk

Or thinking that you plated it safe

Love is a continual state

That lies within in

And connects to others

When theirs is gone

Yours still remains

You just lose sight of it

In your anger

And your bitterness

Heartbreak stops you feeling it

The trick is to keep hold

And your focus on it

Heal yourself with this self love

And realise that this

Love thing is within all of us

And in everything

And if we keep our hearts

And minds open

We will connect again

With someone else love

That they hold

And if not then be consoled

That you will never be alone

If this self love within you, you always hold.

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  1. I love this, Faux. So many people curse Love when relationships go bad and people hurt and disappoint them. It’s not Love that deceived them, nor is Love the problem. It’s that people sometimes make Love look like it’s a bad thing because they distort its beauty by doing foul things in its name. Really powerful message you share here and I love that it gives hope to those who may be on the verge of giving up. Thank you for writing such a beautiful poem, my friend. πŸ™‚

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