It’s not as complex as you think

Insights into to love and life

Reveal themselves to be

Not so complicated as we believe,

We overthink and twist things round

We get to deep and so profound

We see things that often are not there

We build in fear so we hardly dare

Consider living life courageously

We dare not think of death

Becasuse its a such a scary thing

What if there is nothing more than this?

And what if there is?

And did we do enough and live lifr tight?

We tie ourselves in knots all the time

And let our thoughts Play games within our minds

But life and love is easily defined

Live a life with good intentions

Love beyond all pretentions

Care and a how compassion

And be happy and appreciate you’re alive

Live in the present moment

And not in the past

The future is unknown so let those thoughts pass

And show gratitude for all your given

And let kindness be your religion

And love be your daily display

And you’ll find contentment glowing your way

Don’t live in anger or hate as your days fade

For that is a life truly gone to waste.

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