Rock star

I always wanted to be in music

Rocking it out on stage

To all kinds of different genres

To sample that taste of fame

I’ve always wanted to play in front of a pulsating crowd

Signing my songs along with me out loud

I’ve always wanted to feel that buzz

And go from gig to gig in a tour bus

Mixing with the fans as I am a down to earth man

I’ve always admired those who live this life

Under the stage lights so bright

Bringing their talents too life

D oing what they know feels right

I wish I had their talented to live this life

And I wish them well and all the best

I love yo play in small venues

Where even just being their makes you sweat

Where the crowds so packed they’re pressed against the stage

And they’re shouting out my name

A simple fantasy of musical fame

And the fact its never happened is a shame

But musical talent just did not come my way

But my love and passion for it did

And that will never fade or go away.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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