No more gigs

In the end

The lights fade

And the music fades away

And an empty hall

With alcohol stairs

And disgared fag butts

Are that remain

But we know this time

Will come again

But in thus moment

It’s such a shame

The gig is over

As nd the crowds have gone away

And where there were, loud crowds

And music playing out

Now all there is

Is the empty echoes

If a vacant venue

To me, there’s nothing sadder than this

It’s as if what happened never existed

The passions and voices were not lifted

In a celebration of musical love

Which is something I can’t get enough of

But in this dark and vacant hall

And in this saddest of all moments

It’s painful to admit there are no more gigs

And despairingly I can’t take this.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

2 thoughts on “No more gigs

  1. I really loved this one, no more gigs, alcohols stairs cigarettes buts, the lights fad ….gorgeous piece. Loved it ❤️ sad but true! Worded beautifully esp the analogy of the show with life is brilliant!


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