Is the ideology you live by

Your own or was it transplanted

By your parents and your teachers

Or was it som religious preacher

Have you questioned it to test it fits

Among the realms of love, kindness and peace

Does it make you strong when you most need it

Or does it make you become weak

Becuase in your uniqueness and authenticity

There is a way to breakdown

As there is a way to break free

So ask yourself which road you’ll choose

And whether you’ll surrender to their life dictated by their rules

Or make a new life for yourself being existential

Living only the way you wish to do

Outside of society but embracing truth.

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  1. What is? without a hint of of its history’s nudges or absent a speck of environment. I think we’re all shaped in part. Identity is the location of the line where it ends them and starts us yet us is both them and us. And the like the questioning part as you say. Great piece.


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