My calling

My calling

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

I thought to my self as I stood and saw

Mountain peaks and low lying clouds

As I sat on the precipice staring out from my shroud

In silent meditation way upon high

Feeling as one with the wide open sky

And down below the white snowy mountain

Dotted with green fir trees and ominous black rocks

In silence I feel that this is my spiritual lot

Drinking in peace and absorbing love

I show gratitude and I don’t question if this is enough

Because I am fully aware this is a blissful moment

One I hope never ends as I am detchated from all things

But even at this height I hear various birds sing

I feel on top of this world like a mountain top king

As one with nature and its amazing blessing

This is a wonderful world I sit assessing

The beauty and wonderment of it all

This is my destiny

The is my heart and souls call.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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