Bat’s in the belfry

Bat’s in the belfry

Rats in attic

We fall down holes

Like white rabbits

Tumbling down

Into the basement

Of a dimensional rift

Plunging into darkness

As our reality shifts

Far from the present

Deep into the unknown

Falling into the twilight zone

A very long way from home

Headlong we dive into light

The sudden brightness

Causing us real fright

Only to find

There’s nothing to fear

This a place of happiness

Not one of fears

Resonating best memories

Laughter becomes

Our best remedy

To the despair

We have often felt

Lessons learned

In this dimension

As if answers now

Are clear to us

Then suddenly

As if in a rush

We’re back to normality

Yet there’s no more

Bat’s in the belfry

Or rats in the attic

Just a life laughter

And tripping the light fantastic

Because we’re now awakened

We now know the truth

That your reality

Is created and written by you.

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