What’s the reason we exist

Were we put on this earth

Just to work for the dollar

Defined a white or blue colour

Slabing away our lives

Right hours a day or more

Or squander it in a pointless war without any real cause

And as we slave away we make others rich

While we struggle by simply to exist

Or die for a country that won’t die for you

And while wi a h we d a tear our leaders aren’t even moved

Because they dont even know or care about me and you

They sit sipping champagne as we feel the pain

They reap the profits as we waste away days

Doing a job we barely even like

But we accept our lot because we’re told that it’s right

Is that truly why we were put here?

Is this our meaning of life

The only species that pays to live on this earth

Is what we get paid all we are worth

Is the car and house worth all the hurt

There must be more reason that we exist

It isn’t simply to try and get money and hope to get rich

And if we look within and search your soul and your spirit

You’ll see that I am right

We are worth more than this

And so are you.

18 thoughts on “What’s the reason we exist

  1. I always joke and say that people will do anything just to have the latest cell phone, the latest computer, the newest cars and the biggest house. But if we were to ever go hungry, those things are not edible. Can’t eat an iPhone, even though there’s an Apple on the back. Lol.

    Love this post, Faux. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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