Be heroic

Who am I and where are we from?

I feel like I am from a different dimension

Who are we and why are we here?

Should we worry or should we fear?

But with such a short existence we should be exicited

Raise our spirits and shine our love and light

Are follow our conscious thoughts down rabbit holes

So our puzzled questions can ve solved

As the answers are always do n deep within

There is something miraculous about the fact we are living

And if we can not find the time to celebrate this fact

And start to change the way we act

I suppose we get what we deserve

Live joyfully and cong be reserved

Out yourself out there both heart and soul

Go beyond the norms and don’t afraid to be bold

Always act and try to think big

Suprise you and others by the way you live

As if you’re writing or painting a materpiece

With you the main character awesome and heroic.

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