People saving lives being arrested

There’s a voice of democracy that’s being quashed and oppressed

People trying to save lives are being arrested

When was freedom of speech seen as wrong in our state

We’re airing voices of love and peace not voices of hate

We’re trying to save this planet what’s wrong with that

But corporations with government and the police are hitting back

They see us as attacking their profits like its an attack on their greed

They have no care and blind to the planets needs

It’s them that polluted with plastic and chemical shit

And as always despite fracking and cutting down trees and killing other species

They manage somehow to get away with it

Exploiting and destroying all earth’s resources

We’re left with no other recourses

But to demonstrate in away that’s non violent and right

We take to them and intellectual fight

Yet some the system shows just how its wrong

Using tactics that are unlawful and wromg

It’s corporations that should be arrested and jailed

Not people trying to save lives on his the state has failed

Within its duty to to protect this earth

And to give future generations what they deserve

And environmentally healthy and safe place to live

Or they will look back at what we have done and never forgive.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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