All his dreams were her

All his dreams were her

Her smile was so appealing

Her short tight skirt

And nylon panty hose

Were to him so revealing

Her top that clinged to her so snug

Caught him in a place of love and lust

Her dark silken shining hair

Her nature that he knew meant she cared

Her laugh so contagious

Her body so slim with ample bust

And the sweetest butt he thought so outrageous

He could never take his eyes off her

And when she brushed close he swore he heard her purr

He knew she felt his hand touch

But seemed to like it ever so much

But for him this was not enough.

He wanted more but she was off limits

Married to his friend who he saw grinning

He knew he had a thing for her

But he didn’t seem disturbed

By the way his wife would flirt

In fact it seemed he really liked it

And he asked one day his friend, her husband if he would allow this

To go further and her agreed

So next time she brushed passed him

He slipped his hands around her waist

Turned her around and saw her smiling face

He said its time for us to get this done

Have some very naughty fun

And she laughed asked why it too so long

She had been waiting as to her husband

It blew his mind but he wanted her so much

And now he could not believe his luck

His dream his desires would now come true

He said to her I am going to make sweet love to you

What followed next is a different sensual story

As they made passionate love in pall its glory

He thought see dreams can come true

If you want it enough and see it through.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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