Let me feel your heat

Let me feel your heat

So there you are waiting for excitement

Waiting upon a fantasy dangerous liason

Wanting to feel thd rush of blood and passion

Making your cheeks burn and your heart beat faster

Panting as you breathe harder

Chest now rising and subsiding

Aching for something that I started

And that I will not dtop until I see you finish

All your inhibitions I strip away until they’re diminished

I empower you too take command

You can call the shits first until you then become putty in my hands

As I knead and caress your entire bidy and being

Your lust then will be erotically seething

I put you on and over my knee

You can make me do anything

I want you to feel your Heightened sexual needs

Reaching do nany climactic peaks you scream and plead

To stop, no continue, you can’t decide

Because the pleasure drives you so wild you lose your mind

You know your naughty, firbidden fantasies

Now it’s time to share and experience them with me

Let me feel your heat.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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